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Agrimpex FarmingA Quality Choice

Agrimpex Farming was born from the experience gained since the early 1960s in the world of fruit and vegetables when exports and production in Italy were considerable and of great economic impact.

We are proud to represent the third family generation rooted in the marketing and production of garlic which is our “main” product in terms of quantity and know-how.

Over time, the company has entered the world of garlic by starting imports from all producing countries that provided quality guarantees and later begun with the direct import of shallots and ginger.

We are constantly looking for innovative solutions, today we are exploring new production plants that make use of clean energy in order to preserve the environment for the future of all of us.

Agrimpex Farming

Our values

At Agrimpex Farming we believe that the team is the central element of our success, a team made up of the producer, the trader and the seller in which every piece is dependent on the other, working with diligence and dedication.

We are proud to still be able to continue the craftsmanship provided by the traditional experience and the skilled hands of our collaborators in the creation of special packs of garlic in braids, bunches and anything else the market and customers require.

Attention to the customer

Our processes

Here at Agrimpex Farming we work with always active refrigerated storage; this assures our customer to receive a healthy product with the guarantee of quality and the longest possible life.

We have always been attentive to the trend of international markets as well as to the productions present in the two hemispheres in order to economically provide the right product at an advantageous price for the consumer.

Our packaging systems are able to meet the demands of the most diverse markets by providing the right packaging for every need.

The right product at the right price.

Packaging for every need.

Always active refrigerated storage.